By Balou MZ Z named champion of AES Stallion Grading 2023


By Balou MZ Z (Balou Star x Va Vitae) bred by Michał Zdebel and owned by Wechta Inwestycje was named the Champion of three years old stallions during AES Stallion Grading Poland 2023. His high score put him into 2nd place in the final classification for jumpers. It is important to say that almost 80 jumpers were presented during whole event.

We would like to congratulate also two other stallions licensed on tuesday:

C'Dior (Cornet Obolensky x Diarado) bred by Marek Wąsiewicz and owned by Paweł Radzięciak oand Alcontinus (Diacontinus x Konkret) bred by Anna Skonieczna and owned by Wechta.


All three horses were discovered at Cavaliada Horse Auction 2022